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We are currently seeking corporate sponsors who are looking for a creative and fun new way to advertise with embedded marketing! Your brand and products could be incorporated seamlessly into "The Final Mardi Gras" with your desired promotional content in a way that best suits your brand messaging.

Here are some examples of the many different branding opportunities available:

  • Your logo and/or product visible in the film

  • Your product being used in the film

  • Your company as a title sponsor of the film

  • Trade and Services (resources provided for production, cast, and crew use) 

  • Social Media and Mass Media cross promotions with your brand and the film


Once you choose to sponsor a movie like “The Final Mardi Gras”, you will become part of film history. When the film becomes an inevitable success, your brand will be part of the success story and be able to forever capitalize upon it.  


Products sponsors we are actively seeking include:

  • Apparel and Accessories

  • Automobiles

  • Consumer Electronics or Computers

  • Food and Beverage

  • Pet Food, Toys & Treats

  • Furniture


When the film is released, your brand and/or product may be seen by millions of people within the first year alone, gaining your company a healthy amount of exposure to a diverse cross-section of populations across America and around the world. 

Contact us now to learn how to get involved!